Kristy Grant-Hart Keynote Speaker Topics:

  • The Economics of Ethics and Integrity: What's it REALLY Worth? (Keynote - company-wide business ethics, perfect for Compliance Day or Ethics Day Presentations)The Financial Cost of acting without integrity
    • The Financial Cost of acting without Integrity
    • The Emotional Cost of acting without Integrity
    • The Reputational Cost of acting without Integrity
    • How we can build trust in ourselves, our co-workers and our company - Creating a culture we're proud of!
  • How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer (or Compliance Ambassador) (Keynote- Compliance teams and Events, perfect for Compliance Training Days or Team Meetings)
    • Find out how your perception of your role can change you into a Compliance Superhero
    • Learn how to use the Four Primary Motivators to supercharge your relationship with the powers within your organization so they emotionally support the program
    • Be inspired and uplifted by the message that what we do in the compliance community is changing the world
  • Women in Business: How to Powerfully Communicate (and STOP Undermining Yourself!)
    • The top three ways powerful women undermine themselves in conversation;
    • Five powerful ways to influence the business
    • How to say "no" in a more effective way

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Bold communicator!

Kristy is a bold communicator, full of enthusiasm and well-grounded in sound, compliance and legal practice. I can recommend heartily Kristy to mainstream, corporate compliance teams.  If you feel your program needs a shot in the arm, you couldn't do better than inviting Kristy to come and sprinkle a little of her glitter for you.”

— J.A.

Full of energy!

Feedback from our sessions included, “fantastic”, “so full of energy”, and “great insight into how we get the message out there”.  Kristy is a wonderfully engaging speaker and trainer – her passion and enthusiasm for the subject of compliance shines through.  She delivered fantastic sessions to our global community of compliance managers [and the] positive response from our managers was overwhelming.

— L.K.

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My favourite!.

This was my favourite session!  Loved it.  I was reluctant to consider myself a salesperson for compliance before attending the session, but now I'm completely sold! Great session for challenging your view of the profession and giving practical tips that can be used every day. Kristy is a fantastic presenter.

— J.Y.

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