How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer will transform you into an in-demand business asset using the secrets of influence, persuasion and motivation. 
This book is a powerful guide for compliance professionals that will teach you all you need to know, including:

  • The secret of the Four Primary Motivators and how to use them in training so each individual is deeply affected on an emotional level

  • How to use the Compliance Officer Risk Matrix to determine the best strategy to use in implementing your program

  • How to utilize top sales and persuasion techniques to embed compliance more effectively

  • How to immeasurably increase your personal power and knowledge base through networking, speaking, writing and use of social media


An accomplished compliance professional and true expert in her field, Grant-Hart makes the reader feel they are part of something worthwhile and shrewdly identifies what many businesses are currently lacking from their compliance teams.
— Carrie Cook, Risk Universe Magazine
Kristy has provided us with a hard-to-put-down handbook which, if made compulsory reading for all compliance officers, could change their dull image forever!”
— Simon Webley, Institute of Business Ethics
Kristy Grant-Hart infectiously describes the missing link in the compliance profession — interpersonal skills and influence. If you are or want to be a successful compliance professional — this book is invaluable.
— Roy Snell, CEO, Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Kristy Grant-Hart brings a fresh and inspiring perspective to compliance officers everywhere. Her candor and innovative approach can be easily adopted to improve compliance programs throughout the world. Run, don’t walk, to get yourself a copy and become wildly effective!
— Lisa Beth Lentini, JD/MBA/LLM, CCEP certified Vice President, Global Compliance, Carlson Wagonlit Travel
An enjoyable, useful, and very worthwhile reminder of how to succeed as a compliance officer.
— Matt Kelly, Radical Compliance
I highly recommend Kristy’s new book toe everyone. Kristy’s book provides an important framework within which to achieve success as a compliance officer. Recognizing the importance of communications, persuasion and motivation, Kristy offers guidance on how approach the challenge of working as a compliance officer in a company...Bravo Kristy!!!
— Michael Volkov, Corruption, Crime and Compliance Blog