How Do I Get Into International Compliance? Part II

How Do I Get Into International Compliance? Part II

Last week I began answering a reader’s question about how she could get a role in international compliance when she only had experience within her country.  My first advice was to study the international laws that affect her business (Click HERE to read Part I).  In addition to learning about the law, there are several other things that she or you can do to increase your chances of moving into global compliance. 

Plan a Visit to Your Company’s International Office(s)

If you want to get into international compliance at your current company, try to find a reason to have a business trip to an international office.  Perhaps you can schedule your next meeting in in South America or Europe?  Maybe you can do your next internal investigation in person? 

If there’s no budget or reason to send you abroad, you can always plan your vacation to a place with a significant company office.  Let’s say you want your remit to expand to Europe.  Can you plan a vacation to Spain and work one day in the Madrid office?  Can you head to South Africa and meet the Cape Town-based legal and compliance team while you’re there? 

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